Before referring women to the BMTF, you must first verify that the program is available in your state and/or area. As of November 2023, our program is available statewide in Arkansas, Colorado, Mississippi, Ohio, and West Virginia. In all other states, our services are only available in certain areas. Some of our states/locations offer the program via a telehealth model and women can be referred to us directly from the website. To learn more visit our Providers & Agencies Referral page. In areas where telehealth is not offered, you would need to contact a local agency to refer.

If you are interested in referring women to a local program, please contact us and we can provide you with detailed information and instructions.

BMTF only offers promotional materials to agencies that are contracted to implement the program. If you are in proximity to or partner with an agency that offers the program, they may be able to provide you with materials to hand out to participants. If you need to be connected to a local site, please reach out and we can assist.

Identifying a funding source and having sufficient funding to implement the program is the first step. Once this has been secured, BMTF will communicate directly with your agency to gather specific information regarding: how your agency is set-up, program implementation protocols, plans for conducting outreach and garnering referrals, enrollment goals, budgetary estimates, and more. Before implementation begins, your agency must have a completed and signed Service Agreement with BMTF. Further steps that occur prior to implementation are determined based on the BMTF implementation services selected.

NOTE: To offer the program, it is preferred that an agency work directly with women who are in the prenatal and/or postpartum period. 

To be trained to conduct the program, you must be employed at an agency that is contracted to implement the program. 

The cost to implement the program is dependent on many factors, the two most critical being the type of implementation chosen (local/in person or telehealth) and the number of women served. BMTF communicates directly with agencies to create budgetary estimates that work within the amount of funding available and the scope of work.

In order to join the program, you must meet certain requirements. Please visit our About Baby & Me page to review BMTF eligibility. If you meet these requirements, please use our Find a Location page to find out if the program is available in your area.

You must be pregnant to join the program. If you have already delivered your baby, you are not able to enroll in the program. BMTF encourages you to reach out to your state Quitline for support.

Please use our Find a Location page to see where the program is available.

If we are unfortunately not available in your area, we encourage you to reach out to other resources to get help quitting smoking. You can talk to your healthcare provider, insurance provider, connect with your state Quitline (1-800-QUITNOW), and visit https://women.smokefree.gov/ for additional support and information on becoming tobacco free.

No. We serve all pregnant women that meet our eligibility requirements.