Before referring women to the BMTFP, you must first verify that the program is available in your state and/or area. As of June 2022, our program is available statewide in Arkansas, Colorado, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia. In all other states, our services are only available in certain areas. If you are interested in referring women to a local program or to the telehealth services is specific locations, please contact us. If you have questions about where the program is offered, we can provide you with detailed information and instructions.

BMTFP only offers promotional materials to agencies that are contracted to implement the program. If you are in proximity to or partner with an agency that offers the program, they may be able to provide you with materials to hand out to clients. If you need to be connected to a local site, BMTFP can assist.
Identifying a funding source and having sufficient funding to implement the program is the first step. Once this has been secured, BMTFP will communicate directly with your agency to gather specific information regarding: how your agency is set-up, program implementation protocols, plans for conducting outreach and garnering referrals, enrollment goals, budgetary estimates, and more. Before implementation begins, your agency must have a completed and signed Service Agreement with BMTFP. Further steps that occur prior to implementation are determined based on the BMTFP implementation services selected. To offer the program, BMTFP prefers that an agency works directly with women who are in the prenatal and/or postpartum period. If an agency does not work directly with the target population, they will need to consult with BMTFP for additional options.
Once established as an enrollment site, BMTFP offers ongoing, 2-day virtual trainings to become a BMTFP Facilitator. The live, online trainings provide the education on how to conduct all aspects of the program.
The cost to implement the program is dependent on many factors, the two most critical being the type of implementation chosen (local/in person or telehealth) and the number of women served. BMTFP communicates directly with agencies to create budgetary estimates that work within the amount of funding available (if possible) and the scope of work.
All agencies as well as our telehealth program collect data on program participants and input data into a BMTFP customized online data portal. Data is collected based on the following categories: personal information, demographics, smoking history, secondhand smoke exposure, baby information following delivery, and program outcomes.
Each telehealth participant receives a personal carbon monoxide (CO) monitor known as the iCOquit Smokerlyzer. The iCOquit Smokerlyzer is a breath test carbon monoxide monitor intended for individual use. The device connects to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. Using the power of a smartphone or tablet application, the iCOquit device has an intelligent live display which guides the user through providing a breath sample for measurement. After the breath test is completed, the results are instantly accessed by the participant and also sent to a dashboard account which allows our counselors to view participant CO level readings in real time. Counselors verify participant smoking status and monitor ongoing cessation throughout the program.
In order to join the program, you must meet certain requirements. Please visit our ‘For Pregnant Women’ page to review BMTFP eligibility. If you meet these requirements, please contact us to find out if the program is available in your area.
BMTFP vouchers can be used to purchase any brand, size, or style of diapers and/or baby wipes at participating stores. When you received your voucher, you should have also received instructions on how to use the voucher in store and online. If you no longer have these instructions, please reach out to your BMTFP Facilitator/counselor to receive assistance.
You must be pregnant to join the program. If you have already delivered your baby, you are not able to enroll in the program. BMTFP encourages you to reach out to your state Quitline for support.
Please reach out to us and BMTFP can provide specific information on where the program is available.

For more information or details about the program, please contact us.