How the Program Works

Baby & Me Tobacco Free (BMTF) has successfully helped over 40,000+ mothers become Tobacco Free!

The BABY & ME – Tobacco Free Program (BMTFP) is designed to provide comprehensive support for pregnant individuals aiming to quit tobacco use during pregnancy and maintain their smoke-free status after childbirth.

A trained counselor, also called a Facilitator, will schedule an initial appointment and continue to serve the woman after enrollment is complete. Participants attend 4 prenatal counselling sessions.

At each visit women are tested using a carbon monoxide (CO) monitor to verify their tobacco status.

After the birth of the baby, women return to attend 6-12 postpartum sessions on a monthly basis. They continue to receive counselling, support, and CO monitoring.

Women receive vouchers for diapers/baby wipes when they test tobacco free during pregnancy and after the baby is born. The vouchers can be used to buy any brand, size, or style of infant diapers/baby wipes at participating stores.

For Providers & Agencies

Pregnancy is an ideal window for women to quit and an opportune time for providers to encourage them to make a quit attempt.

The Clinical Practice Guideline for Treating Tobacco Use and Dependency emphasizes the important role healthcare providers and healthcare agencies have in encouraging pregnant tobacco users to consider a quit attempt. In addition, a higher proportion of women stop smoking during their pregnancy and are much more likely to consider behavioral changes, as they are more motivated to make lifestyle choices that lead to positive outcomes for themselves and for baby.

The Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program collaborates with local and state agencies that provide prenatal and/or postpartum services to women. Agencies must secure funding and establish a contract with the National BMTF Office in order to offer the program. Ongoing, virtual BMTF certification trainings are offered for employees to become certified to conduct the program. If you would like to implement the program or refer women to telehealth services, please contact us for more details.


BMTF Mother Success Stories



The program has been helpful on my journey to stay tobacco/nicotine free during my pregnancy and I’m confident with Laura and the program that I can remain [tobacco] free after my pregnancy ends and motherhood begins! Laura has been really helpful taking the time to hear my concerns and cravings throughout my pregnancy and walking me through how to get past them successfully.


I can breathe so much better and I even have a bit more energy than I did before. I feel healthier. It’s not just physical though. Mentally, I feel like I can handle everything because I now have healthy ways of dealing with things in my like, instead of going to my old habit of smoking.


She helped me realize what was causing me to smoke, and she helped me find so many new ways for me to replace my bad habit. The vouchers that you get during the program are such a huge help, but couldn't compare to the strength that you have going through the program, and coming out nicotine free. You have so much more energy, you see things in a completely different way.


It was hard, I almost caved a few times, but I didn't. Carrie made sure to help me through my difficult periods, and let me know how proud of me she was. I started this program smoking almost a pack a day, and finished this program not smoking at all. The moment you choose to go through this program, is the first step to quitting. It is so worth it to look back and see how far you have come. I had so many doubts that there was no way I would ever be able to quit, due to the fact that I had tried so many times before.


I proudly will have my certificate on the wall next to all of my baby girls pictures, so I can see the progress I have made, and the best mother I could become for my little girl. She gets to see how much mommy has accomplished and she can look at that when she gets older and say if mommy can do that, I can do anything. I want to be that inspiration for my daughter, and that's all I could ever want. I hope you choose this program, because it is well worth the work and the effort you put into it.


This should be the standard of care. Having this program in place has helped give me the motivation to quit smoking and something to hold me accountable in doing so. The personal relationship that Camille has fostered also helps encourage me to keep making the right decisions.


I can never thank you enough for this program and for Carrie. It truly saved my life and from the bottom of my heart, I’ll be forever grateful.


This program was a great experience learning how to stop smoking in different steps. I’ve learned so much from this program.